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Research. Insights. Solutions.

Helping You Navigate the World of Work

Are you looking for strategic research, insights and solutions to shape your next project or big idea?
LabourX is your go-to resource for making sense of the world of work.

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Research and Policy

Global expertise in labour market and social policy, including assessments of international best practices.

Data Insights

In-depth knowledge of innovative data tools and techniques, including real-time insights and forecasting.

Information Solutions

Scalable information systems to solve the challenges of a dynamic and evolving job market.

What Sets Us Apart



We set the bar high. We understand and appreciate that your decision-making depends on having access to the highest quality research and value-added insights.



We specialize. We offer in-depth knowledge of the changing nature of work and it is our focus that distinguishes us from others.

Business Meeting


We deliver tailor-made solutions. We commit to generating innovative insights and pledge to bring a personalized approach to every project.

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